Great Christmas present
Hi Everyone, Here is a great idea for a great present, and only cost $20.00. Buy a subscription to the Whizzer Newsletter published every month [covers both vintage and new edition Whizzers]. The newsletter has pictures, articles, members swap area [buy/sell],and future events just to mention a few items. Although putting together a Newsletter is a lot of work, Terry & Audrey McAllister have supplied us with an outstanding publication. A lot of the shows and events are covered by Terry & Audrey in person because they are truly a "Whizzer" family. I know Terry has several one-of-a-kind Whizzers, including the twin cylinder Whizzer, and I think he even has one with 2 motors in line. He is the world's leading "BiMatic" specialist, and I have ridden his OHV Whizzer with one of his re-worked BiMatics.
I also supply an article each month titled Quenton's Corner to help keep the new edition Whizzers running at their best.

Here is the infromation and where to send money.

1. Cost is $20 per year (the year being from January thru December). This covers copying and postage.
2. Newsletter comes out monthly.
3. We're always looking for people to write short articles -- technical or experiences of how they got their Whizzers, etc.
4. Send $20 to:

Terry McAllister
8407 Chestnut Ln.
Cary, IL 60013

phone: 847-639-2228 -- if you just want to 'talk Whizzers'.

Have fun,
EZ Motorbike Company
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Angry Old Fart
Jun 12, 2008
Tucson Arizona
Like me!
I would rather have it on paper also.
My computer savvy wife asked about the E idea.
I'll ask Santa for a subscription.
A Whizzer newsletter/paper sounds like an excellent idea. (^)