Got it Pegged


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Jul 13, 2010
Foot Pegs are being updated to a more no slip type for my offroad motor bike.

Used 92 Honda Pegs in place of the Mini Bike type that are more slippery with muddy trails.

Getting the right angle to my adapter bracket to interface where I attached the mini bike foot pegs before is coming together.

Two angle adjustments to get the fold back/upward spring loaded Honda pegs to be level when not kicked back/upward took some figuring.

I will be able to switch back to the mini bike pegs if necessary should I be on a trip and something breaks. Bolts will hold the adapter in place on one side to the bike frame and the Honda bracket with spring and peg bolts to the other side of my adapter bracket.

All 7/32 inch thick steel bracket welded. I think some gusset points to the brackets will be added. I just need to be able to access putting the bolts and nuts with enough clearance available and not have the gussets get in the way.


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