Good start, banner day.

Bikeguy Joe

Godfather of Motorized Bicycles
Jan 8, 2008
up north now
Today (all before 8:00am EST), I got my two freebie engines running. I even amazed myself.

One is a 1990 Husquvarna 51cc chainsaw, the other is a McCullough backpack blower, not sure about anything on that one other than it's "newer", probably 2004-5.

Rather than remove the carbs and clean them, like I have done for years, here's what I did on a whim.

1. Mix 50/50 Berryman's B-12 Chemtool carb cleaner, and two stroke mix.
2. Pour about a half cup into the empty gas tank and start pushing the primer.
3. After about 20 pumps, dump it out and pump the bulb a couple more times, pouring out the rest.
4. Add regular two stroke mix prime/choke/start as normal.

It worked like magic and I wished I had tried this years ago.

You don't want to leave the carb cleaner mix in the fuel system for more than about 30 seconds, just pour pump and dump, then get some fuel in there and fire it up.

Otherwise it can be a little harsh on the rubber parts.