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    just got a new bike and wanna put a 66cc china girl in it. its a giant simple seven. i recently got a genesis onyx 29' from wally world but its just falling apart and i havent even put a motor on it yet. piece of crap. i was super angry because my parents called kent and they said they dont do replacement parts. but they sent a check in the mail for 100 dollars to get it fixed (ruining my two year replacement plan). but my parents took my cash! i was so pissed. so i came across this cool lookin bike. guess how much i paid for it? 20 bucks!! this will be my first build but i have done a lot of research on motor bikes. i want this thing all decked out. shift kit, performance carb, performance air filter, expansion chamber, and maybe a clutch pad for friction. im 16 and hard headed but go ahead and tell me i cant do it because i need to know (and prove u wrong:) haha) and i was wondering if the top tube is to big for the peanut tank to fit, but then theres coupling nuts to extend the screws. i probably wont have the kit til the beginning of december or so. my parents told me to buy the kit and theyll buy parts. i have plenty of time to figure things out.

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