Fuji electric conversion



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Sep 23, 2013
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A little bit about me. The first MB I built was a Stanton friction drive on a Phat cruiser. Second was a china girl that had a perpetual leak at the base gasket, among other issues. I got rid of it because the confidence in the kit was no longer there.

Gas motors are appealing because of the range they afford and the ease in which the range can be extended. In reality the longest ride i ever took on a gas bike was around 50 miles or so. It's nice to have the ability to go 100 miles and just fill up at the local station. But in reality the need, for me, is for a bike that can go 30 miles per day. Anything extra is gravy.

California just clarified their electric bike regulations which allow electric bikes to be treated the same as non electric bikes within certain limits. (can ride on class 1, 2 and 3 bike paths)

I have a Fuji that is reliable and a great hybrid bike. Solid aluminum frame, good v brakes and reliable deore shifters. Decided to look into the electric thing. After much research and consideration i chose the lightning rods mid drive. There is a big block kit(3000w) and a small block kit(1500w).

I considered other kits but, as with anything there are pluses and minuses to to consider and the minuses with the LR kit were not that big of a deal, to me. Chiefly being the size(big) and stealth(none).

Since this is an on road bike the small block is more than enough. Big block is really for mountain biking and off road applications.

It's a mid drive kit. The BB is replaced with a wider one with ISIS cranks. The drive is on the left side. The kit has a jack shaft the makes it right hand drive. The chain ring is replaced with a 2 ringer the outside ring is driven by the jack shaft via a 215 carting chain. The inside ring drives the 9 speed cassette. Theres a free wheel in the chain rings so pedaling is optional(in reality one can pedal but it is not practical as the cadence is around 90+ rpm, unless going up hill)



May 25, 2008
Phat, how difficult is it to swop out the batts, do ya think?

I'm also ebike shopping and wanna have one on a solar array at all times.

Cool pic, btw.