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    I have recently decided to try and work out what my bike is doing to the gallon of fuel..

    Since I get 22 miles approx to a tank of fuel and each of those is 770ml Im looking at 27 or so miles to 1 litre of fuel

    All in all this works out to just a little under 160mpg - 159.54 to be exact.

    If a full gallon of fuel (4.54 litres) is priced at £1.14 a litre then in fuel prices riding this machine costs me 3.2 pence per mile. (Im yet to work out with oil included as well)

    considering that this is a relatively weak and feeble 32cc unit covering the ground at up to 34mph flat out (all the time) I am pretty impressed with that :)

    More to the point it means I would not need to use a car for relatively short journeys and it (might) get my fitness up rotfl

    My question is how do the chengines compare to the GEBE/STATON commercial engine types when it comes to MPG?

    Jemma xx
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    hi jemma; from 05 till 07 i rode a gebe robin 33cc , mostly wot and the first six months it was 150-180mpg. i called gebe to *****, they said have faith. shortly thereafter it jumped to 230-250mpg. i called again and they said nannernannernanner. great kits, japanese made winners. good luck mitch

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