front brake


Sep 8, 2008
I stopped in Tulsa at Ron's Cycle Land to check price and availability of Honda 50 spring links in case some of you wanted to do a fork as I described recently. As it turned out the guy was out to lunch, but I am going to see if he has a front wheel from a moped with a tiny drum brake with 36 holes. I might even go with a Honda 50 unit. I would get a Worksman heavy duty 26" rim and spoke up with 10 ga.. That will probably mean getting a spoke thread roller so I can get the length I need. That poor stopping power really takes the fun out of riding tiddlers. I have been depending on coaster brakes
for the last 59 years and have had enough. I did put a caliper on a Schwinn clone fork, but the one I built goes up and down in the fork.