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Jul 22, 2008
Beverly, MA USA
With the weed whackers I have been playing with lately I have lots of spare cutting heads and shafts. I have up until now been tossing them.

I had the brilliant idea to put them up on freeCycle and Craigslist for free. Basically I toss 'em on the front lawn and dudes come by and pick them up. They either use them for repair of their whackers or recycle them.

A guy emailed me right after the last one left looking for a whacker part, sheild with a cutter to repair his ancient craftsman. I was sure I had an extra in the garage. I wasn't sure I wanted to give it up or not. But h3ll when am I ever going to use it? So i rooted around the pile found him the shield with a cutter on it, and put it out on the porch. I'm not selling to him, just giving it up. Call it the holiday spririt or something.

The last time I went out of my way to do something like this a week or so later I saw the listing for the free trek and snagged it. I'm starting to think there is more than just a little something to the old concept what goes around comes around.

Anyway if you have a lot of junk in your garage that someone else might find useful check out a great concept of giving away your old carp to get it out of the waste stream and into the.mbcsb hands of someone who might use it again.