Frame Breaking, Carb Flooding, and other joys from China, Can you help?

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    Well, It appears these kits can drive you over the edge if you let them, 2 months in and endless stoppages and stud replacements. I can't really be this bad at sticking a engine to a bike can I?

    The beginning

    I wake up to a stupendously wonderful sight on the front doorstep, a box titled "66cc Motorized Bike Kit" with an anything but subtle Made In China on the side. I rip it apart and follow a YouTube video to put it together, she runs well, hits 46km/h after run-in. This only lasted for so long, as life would have it be, my carb started to randomly let to much fuel in and apparently no amount of adjusting could fix the issue, and not too long after this more issues pop up, broken stud mounts and having to rethread and tap new mount holes repeatedly. Oh and the front mount cleanly cracked the frame....

    Can you help?

    Basically I'm after 4 things.

    1. Which carb should I purchase, speed or CNS v2? (Dellorto is out of my price range at the moment)

    2. Can you provide me with a link or a suggestion for better mounting positions? I have an idea for the rear but I just don't like the flimsy front mount.

    3. I want to make my own frame, is there a thread that can provide me with help on bending around 1" diameter pipe? And perhaps suggestions for rear triangles and hubs to be used..

    4. Shift kits, I want one. Can I build a frame that has a derailleur on the rear but a fixed single gear on the pedal portion?

    I thank all who read this, and certainly appreciate and help offered, this little hobby is jolly annoying but jolly addictive.

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    For the carb I highly suggest the dax rt carb. It is a knock off of the Dellorto. It is fairly cheap. As for the front mount I think that if everything is mounted correctly it should be fine. Especially if you make a steal frame. A picture of the bike with mounts could really help.
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    If you have a NT carb you don't need a new carb, you just need to set it up properly. Have you removed the float bowl and adjusted the float height? A lot of times people find that the jet tube isn't screwed in all the way too.

    Whatever you do don't buy a CNS carb, they're difficult to set up right.

    There's not going to be much advantage to a shift kit unless you have a lot of hills to climb.
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    A shift kit can give you a much broader speedrange, tho. If you want to cruise at high speed but also have excellent acceleration off the line, a shift kit's the way to go, if you have the means and skill.

    OP: I can try to help

    1) Like biknut says, if you have an NT, keep it. It's a great all-around carb and easy to set up right.

    2) Get SBP's universal front mount. It's solid. Get their HD bolt kit, too. It's easier to get the engine mounted flat and solid with their front mount.

    3) There are some threads here about making your own frame, use the search box above the forum header! Culvercityclassics has a thread with an easy frame jig in it, too.

    4) Yes you can, many bicycles, specifically multispeed cruisers with rear derailleurs, are set up that way. That really doesn't have anything to do with your frame, as any bicycle with multiple chainrings can be switched to single chainring. If you were to go with a SBP kit, you'd be running a dual chainring system anyway. Before you ask, yes it's easy to convert either way :D

    The shift kit itself tho, takes some serious aptitude and incurs extra maintenance and other teething penalties :D
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    Ok then, I will look into it, does anyone know the cost of shipping one of these to QLD, Australia? I can't contact DAX at this moment.

    My engine has been removed from the frame but here is photo's of the place where it was sitting and what the studs now look like, I have an idea for the rear mount.

    Link Here

    The front mount is completely fine, no issues there.

    Well I feel that my NT is beyond tuning properly, I have repeatedly adjusted the float level with no success in the WOT area, it performs alright in low to mid range, no issues with idle either, apart from the idle screw being all the way in... I will be receiving micro drill-bits today so I may give re-jetting an attempt, just to confirm that my issue is with the amount of fuel coming in...

    And yes, I have a heap of hills to climb :) So I think a shift kit is a plausible add-on in my circumstances.

    Alright then, I will be purchasing one as soon as I possibly can, I think I can cope with the technical aspects of them, if not my father should help :)

    Ok I'll grab the mount and bolts at the same time, I was getting very fed up with the stock soft head screws on the chain cover...

    Aight, I'll see what I can find around here, I can't wait to embark on this adventure!

    Ahh yes, that is good news, I was planning on keeping the pedal section as simple as possible, and seeing as I wont be doing much pedalling I don't see the need for a 21 speed set-up anyway.

    Thank you all for your responses!

    Edit: I cannot get a clone dellorto from DAX, the shipping is $50, and that is too much for me, I'll just try to re-jet the NT, If that doesn't work I'm going for a Speed Carb.
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