Foot Pegs


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May 18, 2008
Does anyone know where I can get, or how I can make some front foot pegs like motorcycles have for crusing? I drive 44 miles a day to work and back and it is a killer on my feet. The vibration from the engine and my weight on my feet from constantly moving around trying to find a comfortable spot to sit on my seat are brutal. I would like to attach a set of foot pegs to the diagonal bar that the engine is mounted to, so that I can lift my feet up like on a motorcycle. I just don't know how to go about it.




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Jan 15, 2008
north carolina
Wallymart sells them here and ebay is running over with them. Cruiser's have 3/8 24 count threads per inch and mountain bikes have 3/8 26 threads per inch. Also bike shops but they are for the axles of the wheels not something I would want to cruise with my feet on.

If you can get an axle you could weld it to the frame of your bike then put one peg on each side. Actually that sounds like a pretty good idea.
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