First HT bicycle engine kit attempt


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Dec 19, 2008
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.spr. I got it did a little modding on the piston. im done isntalling it and it took a while, but its finally done, except my frame (diagonal (bottom)) is to wide and thick for the mount and bolts to pass thru. i just tightened the back mount temporaryly for now, now to resolve this issue i was thinking there isn't really enough room to move the engine up anywhere (about of 3" of clearance) so i could drill or shave the frame OR squeeze/bend the frame from both sides so that the bolts would clear.

Second thing The alloy clutch (Zoombicycles Motor Bicycle Engine Kits - New Alloy Design Push Clutch Lever (3-47)) lever snapped and stripped before i could even put it on, just shows you how cheap these things are. so i just put the clutch wire on the left hand break and put front break on the right took rear off for now.

Third thing is that the chain snapped right after the engine turned over and got stuck in the spokes., this happened due to the tensioner being WACK, now i need a new clip or something and modding on another tensioner that doesn't suck.
This really pissed me off coz i wanted to go for a ride somewhere and break the bastard in.

so i gotta order some stuff and take care of the issues. in meanwhile PICTURES! WEEEEE.




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Jan 20, 2008
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Re: First HT attempt

You must attach both the front and back of the engine.
Use a muffler clamp if the frame is too big.

The fix the chain issue search for "incremental chain tensioning"

or aluminum tee shirt.
Do not use the chain adjuster.

Read the threads under your post.
Read the threads under your post.
Read the threads under your post.
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