First Build Fired Up today :)

Discussion in 'Motorized Bicycle General Discussion' started by fugit, Apr 3, 2012.

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    Mar 5, 2012
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    Ok well after starting my first build and completeing it, reading everything I could, I fired up my 48 CC skyhawk. I want to thank everyone here and the few that helped me behind the scenes when I asked crazy questions :)

    Things went absolutely great!!! Peddled about 10 yards dumped the clutch and she went chug chug VAROOOOOOOOMMMMMMM....

    Diddled with the choke a bit and she ran really good for 1-2 miles. I was cautious not to get started to fast or to push her to hard. I varied the load until the engine got good and hot then idled her down then shut her off. I let her cool for an hour or so and rinsed and repeated 5-6 times like that.

    One thing that was not great was she was bogging down under heavier load and at full throttle so I went into carb and adjusted the needle valve setting one lower. That really helped. I think I will go one more and see if it gets even better.

    Engine is amazingly smooth and quiet. I mean reading all the horror stories I must be lucky!

    Funny thing is I went to eat at a Mexican food place on it and the owner bought it from me :) LOL my first build, that I call my own from start to finish, I sold first trip out :)

    I used the pirate adapter / sprocket / and chain. Upgraded spark and wire. Using Kevlar tires, seat shock post, fenders, and bike rack. I also added a upgraded manifold from pirate.

    My next bike is exact copy except using manic mechanic motor mounts and 66CC. She's done for the most part gunna fire her up after the rain stops again :)

    Again thanks everyone for the advice and guidence!
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    Very cool Fugit. Really is a high first time they light off.

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