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    Im pretty new to this but I had a cheap kit on a cheaper mountain bike a few years back then sold it off when I moved out of state and couldn't legally ride it anymore. I'm back on friendly turf and wanted another bike. I've been looking at the Firmstrong Bruiser for the bike and a pk80 kit from ebay. Any suggestions for what speed bike I should get? I'm leaning towards at the 3 speed so I can use the gears without shifter or Jack shaft (unless I'm wrong and it wont work). It runs a shimano nexus internal 3 speed rear hub with a coaster break. The major issue I see is the coaster break. If I swapped out front fork and added a disc break up front would it be sufficient? I've found rear sprocket adapters for the hub and plan on a 40 or 44tooth sprocket.


    PK80 Kit:
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