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    Hi all....I introduced myself when I got the kit, or xmas....I'm Mick in CT...After about 6 months of not really working on it, stalling at obstacles, going to this forum for knowledge base info, I finally got my cruiser running. I'll post pictures later, but once I was finally ready to try to start it, it just started and ran. color me surprised.

    I'm about as mechanical as a 3 fingered gorilla, and when it kicked over and took off, I couldnt believe it. The fact that the throttle was stuck wide open only added to my surprise!!!

    The the clutch stopped engaging and it was time to work on it....Figured out the throttle adjusted the clutch, and the sheltie has been chasing me around the yard since....

    I promised my 10 year old I'd have it running by the time he got home from school today and it looks like I didn't lie.

    Question: how much easier are subsequent builds? It seems like now that I went up the learning curve, it should be a LOT easier! I want to build a board track replica. Anyone know where to get custom tanks made? THinking about a Felt donor bike.

    Anyway, thanks for a great board and I'll post pics asap.
    Mick in CT
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    The second build is ALWAYS easier, even if you don't know which end of a screw driver to hold. ;)
    Welcome (back) to the forum!

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