Finally did it-Ordered the Titan XC50 engine


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Nov 10, 2008
Erie Pa
After much self debate (was also considering an 80cc frame mount) I ordered the Titan XC50 engine and mounting kit today. I have not acquired a bike for it yet. I'm 68 with some hip problems so it's tough swinging my leg over the crossbar, hence a womens bike or trike are my best choices. Visited Wally world today and they have the womens point beach cruiser(7 spd) on sale for 139.00, I know someone posted about vibration from a frame mount engine cracking the alum frame at the welds but the titan should be smoother. Also they have the Schwinn Meridan trike for 199.00 this is also a possibility for the Titan but I want it mounted between the rear wheels and this may present problems for the supplied kit. Any bike suggestions in the 200.00 range would be appreciated. I have a 33 cc geno that I skidded on some loose gravel this fall, resulting in no damage to the bike but I got a fractured ankle, bruised ribs, black eye and much leg road rash. I cracked the outer shell on my helmut but no head injuries. I won't ever ride without a helmut, it sure saved my noggon.
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Dec 7, 2008
A trike/bike would be cool.I am building one here my self.Its going to be all chrome well
almost all chrome.I need to look at that little engine you have for my own.Trikes are fun to ride my wife and I both like them I got her one the summer was so much fun riding it I wanted one.LOL...


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Jul 20, 2008
I have a very nice blue Fuji with suspension with no bar in the middle. In fact this bike had a Dax 50 on it and was built by Duane at Dax for his wife. I bought and took the kit off for my dual suspension mountain bike.

So we already know it would work well as it was chosen for one of his projects. I can ship if you want.

If your interested PM me.