fender mounted lights!!!

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    so before we get into the title, lets cover the basics. let's assume the following conditions;

    all fender hardware replaced (rivets removed)
    fender connection to frame replaced
    fender has five points of contact (struts at both ends of fender)
    heat shrink technique applied

    basically follow Bairdco's instructions, and for the front only. the rear light will go on the rack somehow.

    I have seen alot of motorized bike photos now, and never seen it done. so it seems my answer is that in it's self, but I haven't seen every motorized bike out there. the option is the stubby little front rack, but it would change the light style.

    the light and fender are linked here



    so don't bother, or try? my bike re torquing routine has become pretty efficient now, so it would be well watched.

    thanks for any help

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