Exhaust Noise level?


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Sep 21, 2008
Los Angeles,CA
Im on the search for a 40cc+ engine for a Quick friction drive, but my concerns are the noise level. Most above 40cc's I think are all off Chain saws which im pretty sure are all 2-stroke. I know that 4-strokes are a bit quiter, but are there any 4-stokes above 40cc? Ive been searching the Classifieds but most dont post the CC.


minor bike philosopher
Jan 15, 2008
north carolina
I don't know about the 4 stroke being quieter. Look for a small tiller engine it is horizontal mount.... also a back pack leaf blower is a large engine some of them are anyway. If you are in a state with heavy controls look at the advertising for a home improvement store to see if a backpack leaf blower is four cylinder. Most all small engines are noisy I think. My lawnmower is four and it is noisy as heck.