Evolution of thought



Jul 8, 2008
Wayne National Forest
Recently I saw something that would answer several of the thoughts I've had since I joined motorbicycling.com. I'm sure all of us have an evolutionary process to our original thoughts and when I saw this bike it clicked that my post on "side cars" and "fixed rigid to frame wagons with a dolly wheel" etc could culminate in this example.

Although there are some issues I have with it, I think using a front drive (friction or belt) would serve to make it simpler, more dependale, and easily serviced. (if not a less expensive build).

I could see building a receiver hitch platform to set this bike up on on the back of a Pickup, Van, or RV for industrial, private, or recreational purposes. If one had to drive on the 4 lane or Interstate a certain distance before they could park to complete their ride to work or complete errands before returning to the carrier vehicle it could "hybridize" the primary 4 wheel vehicle
serving to extend it's fuel milage.

In Ohio this would work around the wheel lay out of one wheel behind the other in tandem or one in front and two side by side (as a trike). It would carry one passenger, be less than 50cc/1hp clear and clean. The usibility on farms, industrial settings, campgrounds, even airports, or at home in the neighborhood may lead to someone building these frames unmotorized for sale.
Then buyers could add a helper motor kit to power it with.

I'm interested to hear the views of others on this build. Is the 2' x 3' cargo area worth it ? Do you think you could operate it easily enough with some load in it ? How would you go about a frame engine installation ? (such as a boy go fast)

I could see a cargo box with a lid something like a suitcase fitted to the cargo rack which would be weather tight and lockable mounted in place of the wooden cargo bed. I could also see this being used in third world countries as a delivery vehicle.

.....the interesting thing about the internet is the wide variety of people one meets and topics of ideas they can gain from them, where in their own part of the real world they may never have such exposure.
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