Europe: Webshops for spare parts (not ebay or amazone)


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Jun 5, 2020
Hi everyone

I live in Denmark and have a couple of motorised bicycles. I need spare parts for them, but I cant find any shop to buy from. Currently Amazone is not operating in Denmark and the sellers are not available to me. Ebay does ship to Denmark, but the delivery fee is outrageous. The same thing goes for american webshops, with the added problem of non existing return policies for european buyers.

Does anyone know of any european webshop dealing in spare parts for motorised bicycles? I have heard German shops exist, but I have been unable to find any. I previously found a shop in England, but their inventory was very limited.

So far I have been getting by making my own parts, but I could really use a good supplier!

Thanks in advance - have a great day.

Picture unrelated - just sharing one of the builds:)


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Jun 27, 2017
Hi and welcome to the forum.

Why write off eBay? I'm in the UK and that's invariably where I buy a lot of bits and pieces needed for my builds. Also consider AliExpress or AliBaba online outlets.

eBay features countless Oriental sellers of motorized bicycle kits, spares and upgraded parts for same - the vast majority of which are shipped from China sellers offering free shipping or charging a laughably nominal postal charge. And the good news is everything arrives without the burden of import duties due to the welcome Oriental habit of under-declaring the value of Chinese goods being shipped worldwide. There's rarely any time when I don't have several orders for parts winging their way from Oriental eBay sellers and even with the current postal delays due to Covid virus, shipping times from China are still acceptable. I received two packages from China this week for parts that I ordered via eBay only 3 weeks ago. My experience is that under normal circumstances, you can expect Oriental shipments to arrive within 10-14 days. I say buy with confidence. China has long since had the whole worldwide shipping thing down to a tee. Folks who say they have 'issues' about buying from there just haven't cottoned on to that fact yet. Just remember, you get what you pay for.

Here's a simple tip: On eBay, find the motorized bicycle spare part you're looking for. Then add it to your watch list. In your watch list, click onto 'View similar items'. Then you'll see hundreds of the same items listed. Invariably the best prices and free shipping items will all be from the folks who make the product in the first place. And they would be from guess who? That's right, China.

I agree with you that US sellers live on a different planet when it comes to calculating shipping costs to Europe. And the cost of items shipped from the US via eBay's Global Shipping Program is invariably prohibitively costly. How that came about I've no clue, 'cept eBay get rich off the back of it. Forget them. Postal charges for goods shipped in the opposite direction cost way less - so I rarely if ever order from the US unless it's for an item I simply can't get elsewhere.

This isn't me coming down on the US.Just stating facts.