engines that i will sell



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Jul 22, 2008
college station tx
dnut hey guys its turbo but am starting to go by scooter since it seems that is all i work on and seem to be riding to be it moped scooter or my favorit motorized bike.trk

ok i have came to the conclusion that people are just trying to save a buck and dont like this on what i am doing but i have to try to make a buck at what i can well i am startin to sell the low buck motors for people on a budget
well starting on the first they should be lind up now i will not sell the 70cc kits reason they are known to breakto easy so i only do 48cc kits at this price of 150 if im right and think it shold i hope include shiping also

but the normal kits i sell run a price of 225 and 250 which come with shiping included and every kit i have sold last a year or more so i know they work but that is the 48cc kits thats all i ride and like to sell and can sell 70ccbut am not a fan but people like em so i have them but i only recomend the limited kit that has the most power just like the chris hill kit but at a price of 250 but it needs a shaved head and a roller bearing out of a 86 honda elite 50 moped which is 2.50 and a champion sparkplug number L78C and its the fastest kit you will ever have

(but change the motor mount bolts with a tractor grade m6 bolt and it will last offroad abuse)
well just a heads up guys have fun and wwright me back i whant to here some info later guys