Engine thermometers


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Nov 28, 2012
sf bay area
You can buy temp gauges on eBay real cheap from China, and they work fine. The ones I bought run off 12VDC and come in different sizes and cost no more than $10 shipped or so.


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Mar 31, 2016
Siloam Springs, ar
The weather here is near 100 every day and my china girl has overheated twice while pulling a big hill.The engine has about 300 miles on it ,should be well broke in.The first time it happened the piston got scuffed and the rings got stuck resulting in low compression.I filed the ring groove where it was scuffed,put it back together and it ran great .It did the same thing yesterday ,about 100 miles after the first incident but after a cool down and using a large hill to get it started the rings unstuck and 30 miles later it is still running good.If I ride it in the morning hours while cooler it does ok.