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May 12, 2020
Got a kit in the mail awhile back and started assembling it recently. When I went to test ride it, every time I let the clutch out the whole big would lock up. I opened up the engine and the rings were aligned and no damage to the side walls. When I did test drive it, I did not have any fuel in it, I was just trying to see if the engine would turn over freely. Is there anything wrong with the engine or does it just not turn over freely when it’s not running.

UPDATE: So I opened up the clutch housing and removed the clutch cover. The gear mechanism is able to move freely with the piston but the 3 pins the clutch cover is connected to do not spring freely to turn the chain. Not sure how to fix this but wondering if someone has had this issue.
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Jan 8, 2008
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It's early....I'm confused.

First- never dry run a two stroke.
Second- don't use 16:1...ever. The "warranty" is not going to be voided....nobody will know you are running 40:1 but you and the happy engine.
Can you pedal/push the bike with the clutch pulled in, or does the engine want to spin while you are holding in the clutch?

Can you pedal/push the bike with the clutch released, with the spark plug removed? Is the engine spinning now?