Engine chokes and DIES after some seconds



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Oct 23, 2008
Fayetteville, Ar
Hey guys...alrite here is the thing been working on this bike for weeks and finally had it all done and ready to roll. BUT there is a big problem. The engine starts up seems like its choking real bad and then just dies. Doesnt stay on when idle either. I have the choke open, have the proper gas ratio, spark plug is good. The only issue i think there is that there is too much gas going in. I took the carborator off and opened it up and adjusted the float to where it wont overflow cause the first time it was overflowing. Nothing happened its still the same. However there is some gas/oil on the air filter and the exhaust has some oil coming out of it too. I tuned it by turning the little screw for the idle speed but still it just wont keep on. I am at a loss and really annoyed. Any suggestions for me???????


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Jul 7, 2008
Try checking or replacing the intake gaskets. I suspect you have some vacuum leaks. Maybe your intake manifold got holes. Try using a rubber O-ring to make a seal between the intake manifold and carburetor. I had a similar problem twice.The first one burned my engine. The second one I was able to avoid. Good thing I had richer oil mixture or else I would have burned my second engine.

If you can get one of those teflon intake spacers or gaskets, then it would be much better and durable.
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Jul 21, 2008
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try turning the choke off, just after the motor pops. use the choke, pedal and let out the clutch. it will start for a little bit. stop, turn choke off (or choke halfway), then do it again. it wont run with the choke full on for very long.

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Jan 8, 2008
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Clean your air filter since it will make you over rich if it's clogged with gas/oil mix.
If that doesn't help, check your needle clip and make sure you start with it on the second notch down from the top.

Some engines start better by pushing the "tickler" for a few seconds, then using partial choke. NONE of my bikes would start with full choke....EVER.