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Jan 3, 2013
I have two questions. Bear w/me please I am an uber newbie in this subject and it does not help at all that I'm solely a visual learner.
Ok, first question: is there a way to make the 2 stroke engine quieter?
Second question: what frame is most recommended for a girl?
I'm more of a mountain bike type but open to try others.

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Apr 20, 2009
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There are several ways to make a motor quieter-

1. Use sound dampeners- they go under the engines outer covers- sometimes even over the motor if there's enought crank clearance- you can get themm from vendors here for about $15 or make them yourself, using the covers themselves as a tracing pattern-

some people use just cardboard- I've used styrofoam-

here's some of my old videos about it:

Installing sound dampeners

50cc vs. 66cc sound comparison

2. You can add length onto the muffler- a long poo poo pipe is a bit quieter than the stock pipe- several other types in between- try Gasbikes

3. You can put on a larger gear (smaller back sprocket i.e. 36 teeth) which makes the motor relatively less quiet and less vibration- because you run at a faster cruising speed at fewer RPM and that can really make a difference

As far as the frame- generally womens frames are harder to motor, so use a man's frame if you can- I like a modern cruiser frame for motor and gas tank clearance- it's a bit laidback so you're not leaning awkwardly too far forward at higher speed- BMX or high rise bars help there too- but a lot of people do use diamond mountain bike frames.
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Second question: what frame is most recommended for a girl?
The term "lady's bike" referring to bike with a frame that has a top tube connecting to the seat tube at a low point to give large stand-over clearance is obsolete and non-descriptive. The term "step-through" seems to be taking hold as the successor.
Actually, a male is the one who is in danger of smashing his balls; so, the old gender-oriented terms should have been reversed.

But to address the question, a girl, being generally less able to lift than a guy, should keep an eye on the frame weight when choosing.