Dual carb, Y intake manifold


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Aug 7, 2019
Has anyone here run dual carbs on a "Y" intake manifold?

I'm using a 47cc pocket bike motor for this build.Its been ported, polished and I flipped the head and added a header pipe. I figured that it's now ready for an ignition and carb upgrade.

Sure I could just go with a single carb and performance intake, but I'd rather try to use dual carbs on a Y intake. It would look awesome on my bike (fit well) and would hopefully be a nice performance gain.

I figured I could buy this intake, cut the pipes down to size and weld on the proper carb mount flanges.

I'd have to use two smaller carbs (or carbs with smaller jets), as well as dual throttle and choke cables. Or maybe an adapter to split the cables. Would I need to swap out the reed valve?

Is there anything else I'm forgetting?

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Aug 18, 2009
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Dual carbs on a single cylinder is pointless, except for the "cool" factor. You'll get much better performance out of a single, bigger carb.

Tuning is a pain, you gotta sync both carbs, you need the same length intakes, same throttle pull, etc.

And more chances for failure, if one carb goes out of tune. So, reliability is affected.

It's been done (retired user 4easy did it a long time ago on a China motor.)

But, go for it if you want. Looks like you've got the basics covered.
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Jun 18, 2019
Alright Jackalope! It's been 2 months.... Update? I'm also interested in the disk can thing. I think 1 cyl 2 stroke doesn't know the difference. You could run em way out of sync. ****, imagine you break one throttle cable. Leave that carb closed, idle circuit maybe, so nothing coming down that pipe... What's the difference from an offset intake and a single carb? I'd run a couple NTs maybe lean em out a little on the jetting, but run em kinda like a primary and secondary, not synced. Xx
IDK, . Maybe I'm full of sh.. (oops). How did your experiment ing pan out