Do I want to build motorbikes?

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    I have just about given up on ever finding another job at 73. I am looking at some down time when I get my knee overhauled anyhow. Maggie suggested after I had to let my son in Tulsa use my HT/Schwinn to find work that I could make some coin building and selling them.
    What would a 70cc Gru Bee in a new $125 bike sell for ready to go? Or possibly a bit better bike such as a Cranbrook Huffey at $140? (NOT Walleyworld). It would require a bit of rigging to mount it properly. One thing I am concerned about is if I build one and sell it, that's just an individual doing his thing, but if I do a bunch of em and some dumbA-- hurts himself :-||on it, he is either going to blame me,as a business, or George Bush, and sue me. Would going LLC do any good to save my butt? I may pursue that drive chain brake idea also. I dropped my resume of at the Tri County Tech office offering my assistance by designing and building machinery or prototyping for people in the new business incubator cheaply. I netted one father and son with a new steam engine idea that need a prototype built that might be fun. Right now I am skinning my Lotus 7 replica for entertainment.
    Curtis Fox, one of the motorbike club members and his wife dropped by for a visit on their way to Utah in their motorhome. I really enjoyed the chance to meet someone I have only known online.brnot
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    Of course you could make xtra money from this hobby, the first day I rode my very first build (about a month ago) I had 2 people ask me "how much" since I was not ready to part with it I declined any offer.

    But my guess is a person at your age or mine (45) would be able to sell these MB on the side for some xtra cash flow. If you are worried about a lawsuit , then maybe you dont want to take the "risk" of selling these whole sale, maybe just one or two per month . I think Americans fear of the "lawsuit" should not stop us from enjoying a fine hobby like this one. You may want to contact a lawyer first and have him make up a legal form for your customers to sign when they purchase it an have them "assume" all risks with buying this new build.

    But as an idea if I were in your shoes and this being a hobby not a "job" , Just browse garage sales and the want ad's and look for very very cheap bikes and go with the $119 2 stroke from . Keep your price low and you will get customers, and as time goes on and you develop a clientele for this market then you can make better and more elaborate builds for more money.

    Here is how i personally would price my bike, I figure it takes about 2-4 hours to complete a simple build the charge would be $100 for that . the motor plus shipping is around $145. you can either use a free or cheap bike you locate and add the price you pay for the bike into the final cost.

    So to sum it up, you would make approx. 100-175 per build plus 100 for your time = max $275 to sell it , and I pocket $100 per sale . So just keep the price low , or you could go another way and if someone just has there own bike you add just the motor and tell them it will cost them w/e the motor price is plus $100 for your time to install it.

    If you have the cash on hand , you can also make these cheaper by finding a site that will sell these 2 strokers in bulk . I found one site that would sell 10 complete kits for $995 plus shipping.

    good luck in your retirement and most importantly have some fun with this hobby, hope this lengthy response helped you out
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    A good attorney may be able to provide you with a sales agreement that will provide some measure of product liability protection. The language might include stuff like the following:

    This motorized bicycle is sold as is with no warranty. Buyer assumes all risk. By purchasing this motorized bicycle, you acknowledge that motorized bicycle riding is inherently dangerous, and that you and others may be seriously injured or killed as a result of mechanical failure, careless riding, or any number of other causes. You will defend and hold seller harmless and will pay all seller’s legal fees in any and all legal actions brought against seller by you or any third party for any reason, including seller’s negligent acts. You agree to limit seller’s liability to $300 or the cost of the motorbike, whichever is greater.

    However, if named in a suite and the buyer doesn’t have the financial resources to protect you, you will still spend a bundle defending yourself in court, and you may lose, even if you are right. Therefore, you need to carry product liability insurance. Look into the cost of the insurance. If you can sell enough bikes to pay for it and still make a profit, it may be worth the risk for you. Otherwise, I suggest you stick with your other opportunities for making a buck.

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