Different kits, different parts, Giant bikes

Sep 20, 2008
Clearwater, FL
Hello everyone,

I received another engine kit yesterday. I put one together for a customer, now I'll have my own(^)

I have a few questions.

1) I looked at other posts regarding engine sizes, (CC's). A nice color brochure came with this new engine that states the bore and stroke for each size 48cc, 60cc, and 80cc.

From the posts I've read the 80's are really 60's, and nothing larger than 60cc is available. Is this still true? I bought the 80cc, I have a glass cc tube for checking racing cylinder heads, so it would be easy enough to check. Are 80's now available?

2) Also the kit I got from my customer had a chrome rear sprocket, the chain fit perfectly. I was told from another distributor that the non-chromed sprockets are inferior.

The kit I just got came with a painted sprocket. It is scrap! The chain does not fit properly at all! Maybe it's time to look into a timing belt conversion.

3) Has anyone installed one of these kits on a Giant brand beach cruiser type bike? Here's a link Giant Bikes.