Did the Halogen headlight Setup...



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Sep 21, 2008
Los Angeles,CA
So i tried a light setup using a cheap 100W off-road light setup to a 12V 7.5AH Battery mounted to the frame. This setup had a bright illimination but only lasted about 45min.

I posted some questions about the wattage and Jason guided me to the link on the DIY Halogen light setup. The price od the 2 bulbs alone where more then my other $12 Cheap Harbor Freight 55W Blue Fog light substitute for the original. Im doing the same setup as in the link with one 20W and one 35W. I have to say that when i tested the 20W light alone, it gave off just as good maybe even better illumination then the original 100W light i had. Its more of a total illumination rather then seeing dark and brighter spots.

Im using a 20W flood for a low beam and a 35W Spot for a higher beam. Im still working on the 35W light housing but so far every where i have been they are out of 35W Spot lights, they must be popular. The bulbs are about $6-8 but the illumination is well worth it. I'll be happy if i get at least 1.5 Hours out of the batteries with this setup. I could probably get more time then that by only using the 20W Low and the 35W sparatically.

Thansk Jason for the link. I'll post pic when completed.


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Nov 21, 2008
Add some LED's to the halogens, and have some backup light when your 12V halogens go dead. With a good enough battery, you can get 4-8 hours from LED's.

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