Dellorto carburator identification


Sep 8, 2008
I installed a Dellorto carburator on my 5-1/2 hp Jiang Dong. It was given to me by a friend long dead. It is quite old, probably from the 50's and he told me it came off of a motorscooter. The strange and different thing about it is it has a plate on the front face of the body with a lever that raised the air slide by the needle with a screw to set the idle bearing on the top of the air slide top cover. There is a 2nd part of the bracket the throttle cable screws into . The bore is about 0.7". I need to identify it so I can find jets if I need one. It was a 2-cycle carb, so I reason it would run a bit rich on my 4-stroke since part of a 2-stroke fuel is oil, which is in addition to the necessary volume of gasoline. This carb should be a performance inprovement since it is the same bore size but no venturi restriction. I need to find an aircleaner element 1" thick and I have about 4-1/2" diam. of room, or it could be square. Would be neat if I could come up with a chrome cover for it. The bike is going to look pretty trick with the chrome Hodaka tank, chrome Schwinn clone fork with a caliper, stainless fenders, and 50 cal. ammo box saddlebags soon to be powder coated yellow to match the bike. The seat was brittle as glass when I was working in 17 deg. in the shop., so it is going to be covered with black leather. I am losing cruise control (governor), but going to a twist grip rather than the pull knob tractor throttle, I shouldn't miss it. The performance should be drastically improved from 42 uphill,downhill, off a cliff. I turned the adapter from magnesium and even vacuumed the shop so I won't burn it down next time I fire up the torch.
The next order of business is a drum brake from a Honda 50 or a smaller one from some moped. It will be laced to my Worksman rim with meaningful spokes. The thing should be durable, practical transportation with good mileage and hauling capacity for trips to the store. An elastic cargo net with clips will be carried as well as the big boxes. Anyhow, if the description of the carb rings a bell, give me a shout. Cheers:ride:
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