Deacon's chainsaw bike.


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May 28, 2008
Deacon I Don`t Know But You May Have Turned The Wrong Screw. There Is Three, I`m Sure You Know That. One Is For Throttle Opening, Fast Or Slow Idle. But The Idle Fuel Screw Has To Be Set Rite. Usually 1 Turn Out. Turn It In Till It Seats (not Over Tight) Then Back It Out 1 Turn. The High Speed Fuel Mix Screw The Same. I Don`t Let Anyone Adjust My Saws. And I Have Little Trouble. On The Side Of The Carb Or The Housing You Should Beable To Find H For High Rpm Setting And L For Low Speed. The Other Screw Wil Be For Throttle Opening. It Helps To Have Any Motor Warmed Up To Adjust. Now If You Get It Close To Running Rite And It Dies When You Open Throttle But Idles When You Let Off It , That Sounds Like It Is Lean On Fuel. If I Get It Idling Fair Then I Usually Run It Wide Open (make Sure It Is Warmed Up) And Adjust The H High Speed Screw. When It Screams The Fastest Give A Bit More Fuel ( Back Out High Speed Screw) Needs To Be Richer To Pull A Load. Now You Can Go Back And Mess With The Idle. If You Turn The Idle Screw In And It Runs To Fast At Idle It Is Getting Lean A Mixture. That Will Cause It To Stall When You Throttle Up. If It Is Very Difficult To Adjust Then Your Carb Needs Cleaning Or A Kit. I Hope This Helbs.. It Can Get Confusing. Ron


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Jan 15, 2008
north carolina
I had throttle link issues I think I solved those though,. I rode it a couple of times yesterday and it does good engine wise. that down lift and lower system is a pain in the buttcus, but necessary for now.