Daemon 66cc on mountain bike

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    Sep 10, 2010
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    im fairly new to the 2 stroke world. ive worked on outboard motors for a couple years here and there, but never a bike motor. just recently i bought a Daemon 66cc motor to put on my Raleigh mountain bike. I want my bike to be capable to go high speeds, but be dependable and good on gas. i was wondering what would be the BEST part to buy for my engine first. i was thinking a very very nice exhaust. or centrifugal clutch. or a dual boost bottle with NOS. if you could point me in the right direction and give me some tips on tuning the engine, carb, etc. id appreciate it. im no machinist, i cant weld, or anything, i can do minor soldering, filing, stuff like that. also, i plan on investing in new tires & spokes for the bike, what would you recommend? any help would be appreciated. thanks :)

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