Da Mudder Of Invention...



minor bike philosopher
Jan 15, 2008
north carolina
I got my wife to drive me to home depot today for some bike parts. I bought two 6" hose clamps to use attaching gas tanks (plastic canteens) to home brew bikes. When I finally got around to installing one, I found the clamps were two inches to small at least. I was just too tired to ride the bike to home depot and didn't dare ask my wife for another lift.

I had decided to wait till tomorrow when I had an "I Wonder" moment. Could I take one of those 6" clamps, add a 2" clamp that I already had to make an 8" clamp. I went out and gave it a try and sure enough it works. All these years and it never occurred to me before. But then always before I could just jump in the car and whip down to the auto parts store.

So necessity really is the mudder of invention. That would probably make stupidity the father in this case for not measuring the tanks.


New Member
Jul 15, 2008
OC, Ca
Sometimes that just happens. Most inventions don't pan out. Just take a look at the patent web site. Anyway, people learn most from mistakes than they do from accomplishments. Happy building!