Cut out Brake Levers,
Jun 25, 2008
Hi chaps,

Got a question, i would like to rig up some brake lights using the cable coming out of my current cut out levers. My suspicions are that the switch works in an opposite fashion (i.e always on) by constantly allowing a current to pass through to the controller until broken and cut out occurs. This of course is contrary to what i need as i would like the levers to activate a light.
rather than my normal approach of tear em open and have a jolly good "play" i'd thought i'd ask. so any thoughts?

Web-Foot Freak

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Jan 18, 2009
Jenks, OK
Just a thought... if the switch is in an always on state then add in a PNP Transistor in line before the bulb. Then use the brake handle to supply the negative to the Transistor, completing the circuit and lighting your brake light... I drew a quick schematic, but it won't let me post links quite yet.