Customized stock exhaust 66cc


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Jul 2, 2017
Been tinkering again today, here is what i have done to the exhaust.

I read a couple months back here that taking out the baffle of the stock exhaust and finding a can the same size as the muffler would help a bunch. I looked, and the baffle was welded in, so i just left the bottom off and put the can over it. Worked a ton better, i was going from about 40-45 kph (i have a kph spedoometer :mad: ) afterwords the bike >easily< had twice the takeoff power and went 55+kph(had it up to 60 full throttle which is max on the speedometer).

After a day of riding it around (i really went hog wild with it on back roads because it was so fast) the baffle blew out. I took it out and put the can back on, sadly it lost much of the takeoff speed, and i only went about 50kph full throttle.

So, i have been testing and trying different lengths of the can since, got to a pretty sweet spot and stayed there. But tonight, i found out a coke can would fit over the exhaust if i cut the top out of the can. It is raining something fierce here, so i only started the bike and rode for cover. I tried the new coke can, the top cut off and 7 1/8th inch holes in the other end, it had tons of takeoff when the engine started, and idled perfectly.

Tomorrow i will take pictures if it stops raining (its supposed to around noon) and put some on here.