CUSTOM 80cc PK Limited Schwinn Point Beach Cruiser...NICE
WARHORSE....NICE cruiser...lots of pics!!!!


I've got some more custom bikes coming but there's like a 3 week wait cuz I got alot of other bikes to build for folks and I promised them delivery so I gotta do those first. I can't even walk in my bike shop, cuz I got so many bikes, so I gotta do something. This is cooler than a Whizzer at half the price!

I've posted this bike before when I first built it, but now its got some really cool mods. I can only post four pics but you can check out more pics at

Okay so some of the mods I've made:

I custom cut all the cables so they got a clean factory look and don't stick way out like alot of those other bikes do. I'm not doggin' those bike builders but I take alot of pride in my work, cuz each bike is a work of art to me. So I want them to be perfect every time.

I used red matching FLEX TUBE cable covers wherever required to make a clean custom look so wires aren't all over the place and it protects the wires and cables from moisture and wear caused by friction. then I zip tied them so they will stay in place and placed black zip ties at equal intervals so they look good.

I zip tied any cables that were kind of going in different directions together...again for a clean look.

I added a small black canvas tool bag to the front so you don't have to worry about carrying a backpack EVERYWHERE you go. It can be removed if you don't like it.

The rear fender is custom cut so the chain and chain guard can pass through it without cutting or rubbing it. Alot of builders take them off just cuz its kind of a pain to cut them.

I added a new rear shield-shaped reflector that looks much cooler than the stock square one.

I mounted the rear CATEYE light under the seat so you can hardly tell its there until you turn it on. It has like for our five different functions. Very clean looking, and higher up than if it were mounted on the rear fender or rack for safety.

I added some super fat rectangular rear-view mirrors each with dual orange circular reflectors.

I covered only part of the fuel line with FLEX TUBE so you can visually see your fuel flow. Very important for 2-stroke motors. A loss of fuel flow at hight RPMs will seize/destroy you motor completely. There is also an in-line fuel filter.

I reinforced the fuel tank mounting bolts with QUICKSTEEL so they are less likely to crack the tank do to vibration. BIG problem with these tanks.

I rubber insulated the fuel tank mounts. Again VERY important to prevent damage/cracks from vibration.

I installed TWO horns, each has a different sound and one is louder than the other. I mounted them on the left side so you can activate one of them with your thumb without having to remove your hand of the grip. SAFETY is paramount! Plus they look REALLY cool.

The bike has front and rear brakes, NOT coaster brakes or just one front or rear brake. In an emergency braking situation every motorcycle rider knows its the FRONT brake the saves your life. 60% of the braking occurs at the front brake. YOu should learn to use both brakes equally. Its a habit that could save your life one day.

I also added SKULL caps for the air valve covers, which looks pretty cool.

I also have red-matching SMART BUNGEES which are adjustable length and plastic hooks that won't scratch the beautiful metallic-flake red paint job.

It has a bright 2-function CATEYE front headlamp, which is not very retro, but the motor WILL produce 6 volts and I can add chrome headlamps if you want. I wanted to add dual or triple headlamps, but haven't gotten around to it.

I was also thinking about adding foot pegs high up of the front forks so you could kick back with your feet up high, and on the rear so you could haul a buddy if you wanted, although I don't recommend it, for safety reasons of course.

I'm asking 700.00 or best offer, but don't get crazy, cuz I've put alot of love into this bike.

WARHORSE builds the best bikes around and we can custom build just about any bike you want. Our bikes our built by Iraq/Afghanistan Veterans who believe we've got to start using less gas and try to use alternative fuels and transportation as much as possible so that we won't have to go to war for oil.


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So I sold her for $500.00. Extra horns and all, with some minor fender adjustments and a suspension seat. I know I could have got more, but I am eager to build a better bike and it went to a good home in Mendocino, so if you see her up there, wave hello!

I got the top speed to 32.2mph just just by porting and polishing the carb and intake manifold and polishing the exhaust manifold and opening up the exhaust a little. It did make here a little louder!


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Aug 9, 2009
Sarg, great looking cruiser, but if you're that much into perfection, you're cutting way too much out of the fender for the chain clearance. And if you're building bikes for others, you should never drill a hole in an aluminum frame for the motor mount. After time, that steel bolt can ream out the hole in the aluminum. You should focus more on a better mounting method and much less on bling bling and overkill with the stuff that's supposed to look "cool". Money adds up quickly on that stuff that the end buyer may not even want. You'd make more profit by eliminating some of that stuff.
Oh geez. That was so last year! Thanks for your input. I built a few bikes of different styles, some I sold, some I gave away to vets, a few I kept. That PeeWee Hermanish contraption was one of my favorites though. I have never had a problem drilling the frames, although I understand why its a no-no with aluminum. The automotive bushings really help reduce vibration which I have found is the most dangerous thing about these rigs. The vibration at high rpms rattles and breaks inferior metals, which these kits are full of. I definitely don't recommend drilling frames to people thinking of mounting one of these. As a matter of fact I don;t even recommend riding one. They are dangerous and you can get hurt. That being said, I love to ride one of my bikes everyday. Its still as thrilling as ever. Maybe because they're dangerous.