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    so i heard somewhere on here about steel bushings for a g4 tranny any ideas on where to get these also wondering if its legal to ride a bicycle on the interstate,thinking about a trip to wyoming but its really difficult to make it ther withouy a couple short jaunts on the interstates.anybody ever to an extended trip on a hau sheng 4 stroke? 1000 miles plus? ok gonna try to post a couple pics of a little project got a trailer for free so i thought id turn it into a cargo hauler/camping rig,then i thought id go one further and make a covered wagon.later frank. ok keep getting message upload of file failed any help?
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    motorbikes are NOT legal an any interstate, period. Don't ride there unless you like state troopers. Look for parralel routes alongside the interstates.
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    I gotta agree with Maniac, Frank. Would be really dangerous to ride on an interstate and you would also be risking an impound fee or at the very least, a towing charge as they would not let your ride to the next exit. It would be a liability thing for them.

    This is a great thread on posting pics;

    Hope that helps and I didn't mean to come off so negative. Just would hate to see ya get in any trouble or hurt.
  4. Russell

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    Not a good idea going on a freeway. Personal risk of life, financial risk, and bad media for the rest of us Mbrs. The trip sounds great if you ca find an alternate route.

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