Collecting goodies


Sep 8, 2008
Things are starting to come together. I bought a Mongoose MGX off-road bike for $5.00 with a good front spring fork that will fit my Huffy Cranbrook frame and today I found some 26" bike wheels and tires with a coaster brake, 12 ga. spokes, and almost new whitewall tires for $28.. Now I have to come up with a chunk of ally to machine a hub-clamp mount for a rear sprocket. The fork brake has a nice hole in the middle I can put the front fender bracket on I can't decide whether to go with the 4 HP Lawnboy 2-stroke or the 5-1/2 HP HFT sloper OHV 4-stroke. Also whether to use the Comet VST or just a centrifugal clutch. There is also a 100CC Guazzoni go kart engine with a centrifugal clutch that pumps out 8-1/2 HP and 15K RPM.
The only problem there is it is a vertical and I think it may be the only one in the US, thus no replacement parts. It was a sample brought in by a famous outboard racer, Bill Tinney to test the waters about selling them