CNS Carb Adjustment Help
Jan 21, 2015
Portland, Oregon
I'm trying to fix a bike for a guy who has a CNS carburetor. The bike will idle, rather poorly, and will rev up with no load, but when I try to actually ride it, it bogs down horribly and I can go about 6 mph on level ground at WOT. I have tried every adjustment combination I can think of, all the spots for the needle clip, messed with the idle speed and air screws, changed the float level, nothing I do makes any difference, except for making the bike not run with some adjustment combinations, or making it idle really fast. No matter what it still bogs down and dies under any sort of load. Anyone got any ideas?


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Apr 14, 2013
Here's a good thread for that carb....

I fiddled with one for 2 yrs.......would work great at times, suck at others. I ended up replacing the carb with a simple, stock NT. My bike has gone 43mph with the stock NT carb --- better than it could with the CNS on a great day.

Best of luck!