Clutch Puck Replacement

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    Just wondering how you would get to the clutch pucks. Are there any tutorials or instructions that someone can give me? I don't feel like opening up the clutch cover and having springs fly all over the place.

    Also, where can I buy some replacement pads/pucks?
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    There's only one spring. It's very large and hard to loose, and you can compress it by hand. It's not going to really bounce anywhere & get lost if your working on a relatively clean surface (I did it in a public parking lot with a leatherman tool).

    First, open the clutch cover. Absolutely nothing will happen once you do this, besides the gasket that holds it on (I removed it, it doesn't really serve much of a purpose) might shift a little or fall off. You'll be looking at two gears, one's big and ones small.

    EDIT: The gears might want to move a little when you do this (I can't remember). If you need a way to keep them stationary, just stick a rag or part of your shirt in between them so they stay put. It's a lot easier than trying to hold the rear brake.

    Remove the front of the big gear. First, loosen up the tiny screw that's in the middle but a little off-center (expect absolutely nothing to happen once you do this, as this screw's sole purpose is to keep the flower nut (center nut) in place).. Then you can work on the flower nut. Just grab it with some needlenose pliers and twist it to the left. To loosen up the tention a little, have someone else hold the clutch in, or you can try to do it yourself (I was able to do it but it was a pain).

    Once that's off, the "face" of the big gear will pop off, and that's where that big spring is (it'l just fall on the floor below you).. Then you'll be looking right at the clutch pucks. Some of them will come out by hand and some you'll have to use a small flathead screwdriver for assistance. I think they were built to go in from the rear, but you can pop them in and out from the front as well, since they're made of a rubber material that bends a little.

    The clutch pucks are a pain to find. First of all, until you look at the engine you wont be able to know whether yours takes the round or square type. The best place to buy them though is usually "boygofast" on ebay. I bought a lot of stuff from him no problem.

    Estimated time: Less than half an hour.

    Tools Required: Flathead screwdriver, Phillips head screwdriver, needle nose pliers
    (Or, just get a leatherman or a gerber tool)
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