Clutch Gear Movement


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Jun 29, 2018
Hey guys! I have a problem with the movement in my clutch gear on my 2 stroke motor. I wish it turned more straight/uniform & less fluctuation as it spins. The bearings that are right next to the clutch pads are a tad more exposed now too.

This is because recently I took off my new clutch with a puller tool on my new motor to see what it looked like on the inside up until the woodruff key. After I did this & put everything back on I now notice a wobble in the clutch gear as I turn the clutch spinning it from the 3 pegs that protrude from the back plate. I do not notice a wobble in the back plate as I turn it. It turns with no fluctuation, still spins straight, doesn't appear bent in any way. As well as the clutch shaft. The clutch shaft appears to have no wobble as it turns either, seems fine & in place with the motor.

Is there a way to properly re-compress the ring of bearings that hold the clutch gear so there is less gap & possibly less wobble in the turn of the gear?

Please help with any thoughts or answers on this.



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Sep 30, 2012
the clutch hub sits on a tapered shaft - if it wobbles when turning, either you got the woodruff key in crooked or you didn't tap the hub a bit to get it firmly seated straight on the taper - either way, just pop it off again and reseat it