Clutch delete idiea


Nov 24, 2014
seattle, wa
What if I used only a 1.75 dia pulley to the 15 inch sheave and kill switched it?

It fairly easy to shut it down if the speed gets out of Control I broke my push pull throttle on the way back from work yesterday..
Also beat the rain storm that's suppose to fire up to 70mph within the next 3 days.
I'd rather pedal start my block anyway and only use kill and throttle control.
I also documented the actual value to go Jack shaft setup which is weighing in at $70.00 excluding bolts and belts.

The $70.00 includes two pillow blocks w/ grease fittings and lock pin, steel rounds at 3/4 x 48 inches, two v belt pulleys, (1) 3/4 1.75 dia v belt A type, and (1) 3/4 5" v belt pulley A type.

The systems fine the way it is even if I got to ditch the clutch and make a manual clutch setup that can be tensioner via pulleys.
These are far cheaper to fabricate and add then this Jack shaft stuff.
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