clam shell adapter install question


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Jun 17, 2009
I bought a clam shell type hub adapter from Live Fast Motors. The parts are the clam shall adapter, a rubber spacer, a flange of sorts that goes on the outside of the spokes (and the sprocket is attached to) and a coaster brake hub extender.

The problem is this: if I use the flange, the sprocket is too far out and covers the part that the brake arm slips onto.

If I use the coaster brake hub extender, then the brake arm is way out of alignment with the bike frame.

BUT, if I place that rubber spacer on the wheel and then attach the sprocket directly to the hub adapter (leaving off the flange part that came from Live Fast) everything lines up fine, the hub adapter bolts don’t interfere with the brake arm and I can align the wheel sprocket with the engine drive sprocket.

So, the question is, has anybody ever done an installation like this with one of those clam shell type adapters and does anyone see any problems with leaving that flange off?