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Jun 16, 2008
Yesterday, due to the fact my chain had stretched beyond the point the tensioner would tighten it, I took out one link and could not reconnect the chain. I had a short piece of origional chain and I punch out one link and rebraded it to the chain on the bike. I was amazed how soft these cheap chains are. It is no wonder they stretch as much as they do.
I ordered a chain tensioner and spring from Tractor Supply and paid for it today. It is heavy duty and cost with spring, about 14 dollars. It should do the trick. I will need to fab a mounting for it, but thats no big deal.

I have had many motorcycles over the years and I do not know why I enjoy the motorized bike so much. One thing is the bike and motor are relative inexpensive to enjoy and riding it seems to satisify my need to ride.

Thanks for the many answers to questions I have asked in the past. My next project is to find a full suspension bike like a 26 in GT-LTS and build it with a china girl.

Again, thanks,