CDHpower head review


Aug 8, 2008
Red Deer, Alberta
Got around to checking the rectangular head out, as a professional machinist and a mb enthusiast I will share a few thoughts.
Head is beautiful, It comes in both black and silver, foam bagged and a cardboard box. A few areas need a little extra deburring around fins. Checked for sharp edges in the lead in both sides of sparkplug thread, a little scotchbrite fixed that.
Holes are nicely chamfered and concentric to combustion chamber. The head comes stated it is a 6cc head, after cc'ing chamber with a sparkplug it came out at 7cc's. For anyone running a temp gauge their is ample room for the sender, no grinding required.
Head weigh's 1lb 14oz, lots of material. Hard anodized so finish should last. The head measures 5''x5''x 1 7/8''.
Their is a small spigot aproximately 0.025'' high to retain head gasket, very nice touch.
For the price paid no complaints. Heres the pics: