Carb assembly?


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Sep 9, 2008
Lima, Peru
After looking at this
I looked at my carb
I found the needle's e-clip OVER the C-washer
Eclip is in the second slot from top
Bike run strong before, revving on the road till vibration
I reassembled it with the needle's eclip under the Cwasher
Seems to have less power
Bike has a 45T sprocket and a 220 lbs driver (me)
Was it properly assembled before?
Thanks in advance


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Mar 21, 2008
Treasure Coast, Florida
The c washer holds the needle and clip down in place, with the spring pushing everything down. If it ran better before you might try lowering the clip one slot on the needle (richening the air/fuel mixture) and see how it runs.

hill climber

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Sep 11, 2008
paso robles, california
lower the clip on the needle 1 or even 2 slots the eclip is suposed to be on the bottom under the c washer . with your eclip on top that is atleast 1 notch higher in the carb than where it is suppoed to sit so when you put the needle where it is suposed to go you leaned it out. if 1 notch isnt enough and 2 is too much you can put a small washer under the eclip to raise the needle half a notch. HEY!! DO A WHEELIE! hill climber