Can't find rear axles or 6v dynamo bulbs


May 10, 2014
Canberra, Australia
Working on my #7 build and can't find a .5 watt 6 volt screw in bulb for my dynamo hub powered tail light anywhere (except on ebay where they want $25 shipping!). Any one know of an online source for these?

Also only one of my builds has a suitable rear axle that doesn't end up bent! (it's black and slightly bigger diameter than standard silver steel ones.) I have searched but can't find or don't know how to search for 185mm long high tensile solid axles. The hollow (quick release) ones don't come in long enough lengths, what I need is solid ones in the same size and strength as the quick release ones, but longer (185mm). Any ideas? (I know I should try ordering them through a bicycle store too but they will charge more and I need 6!)

Thanks, John