Buying correct parts


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Jun 7, 2017
1: k-80 type of PISTON
I want to buy an upper rebuild kit for this bottom end.
I was thinking after a piston seizure there would be a lot of
scaring and scratches. There wasn't. I don't want to take a chance on
putting wrong parts on virtually a new bottom end with maybe 10 miles on it.
I think I might have mistakenly put the wrong jug on it "if that's possible".
I had so many parts lying around I could see that happening. This bike ran
absolutely fantastic, but had no power. Any hill I would have to pedal. So
I've decided rather than cleaning up the cylinder, throwing new rings on and
crossing my fingers, I've decided to put a whole new top end on. I've replaced everything
"before the seizure. such as carb, cdi, magneto, kill switch etc. etc.", trying to get more power with no luck> Any help being able to
help me locate the right parts would be appreciated. I need a jug, piston, rings,
head, head gasket, etc.........thanx in advance........bob........btw, the only info
I have is at the top of the post. I could take a photo, or I could give more info if I knew what to look for
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