Build number 3


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Jun 13, 2020
Hi everyone my first build was a success it was a seeutek 80c it was awsome 49 mph and never had a problem all year ..sold.ok build number two bought seeutek 80 cc off offer up new in box siezed hour after starting had staple in the engine fixed it ran for an hour siezed again and that was it I'm really smart when it comes to rebuilding engines but I couldn't make it run again I cut my losses build number 3 is in a few days I bought another 80 cc two stroke but it's the last one for now number for is going to be a four stroke anyway this one is a no name engine I hope its good they are a big pricey I plan to sell it after a few months and build a four stroke probably a big one custom frame all custom work but that's the next one this one is a bit custom fenders and airbrush art if I have it long enough we will see someone tried buying it today not running so who knows thanks for listen


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Dec 29, 2008
Sounds good I am a 4 stroke man also, FENDERS are death traps if not mounted right and stronger. There is a section on mounting fenders make sure you read it, and make heavier mounts.
As far as your dead engine there is guys here that maybe can help if you explain what is going on...........Curt
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