brake noodles for clutch and throttle clearance problems.

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    i've given this idea to so many people, i figure it deserves it's own thread.

    there's a cheap device known as a "brake noodle" that you can buy at any bike shop, for about 5 bucks or less.

    it's basically a 90 degree, teflon lined tube that your cable goes into.

    they're flexible enough to bend them a little, too.

    for the clutch, i took the big bolt that screws into the block out, removed the adjuster, and drilled into the threads just enough for the noodle to push in (about half way.) if you want to go back to the normal cable routing, there's enough threads left to put the adjuster back in.

    now you can run your cable straight down into it from the top tube of your frame, and have your throttle and clutch cables ziptied together all pretty.

    it works really well, nice and smooth, and looks better, too.

    for the throttle, if you have a clearance issue where your cable can't go straight into it because of your frame, you could use a noodle on that, too. you'd have to cut off and solder a new tip on your throttle cable, but that's pretty easy. Norman's got a video how-to, but i can't find it.

    there ya go. easy peasy, cheap chinese-y (i love saying that...)

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