Blown up china doll flywheel fix.

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    While prying out some very crusty clutch pucks, the flywheel popped apart, sending all those little bearings scattering.

    So I threw it away. Fixed.

    But here's a better fix.

    The stupid thing is just pressed together in three parts (not counting a million bearings.)

    There's the geared flywheel, the ring that holds the pucks, and the bearing retainer that pressed on to hold it all together.

    A little grinding, a coupla little welds, and done.

    Make sure you weld the retainer to the geared flywheel, and not to the clutch puck ring. That ring needs to spin.

    The outer disc that's held on by the flower nut is dished so it won't hit the welds, so no fancy grinding is required.

    Flywheels exploding isn't a common problem, but if you have a welder, it's an easy way to make sure it never blows apart.

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